Monday, March 2, 2015

Staging Tips

Last summer,
 we attempted to sell our house.
It didn't sell.
So we're getting ready to try again.
I DECLUTTERED the place last year,
so there's not much left.
But I got these 2 gals for Christmas,
and they've been keeping me company.
My realtor's stager sent me diagrams
of everything to change. 
Snow White and Cinderella got the axe.
You mean, prospective buyers
wouldn't enjoy
Disney Princesses with large heads?
I was already planning on taking them down. :)
I was advised,
"Nothing can
Pac Man and my
Fisher Price vignette
has to go.
Lady Liberty gets to stay?
I hope buyers don't eat my m&m's.
The stager was probably stressed about my décor.
"Why does this woman have
 bright plastic toys all over?"
Getting ready for the photographer to come today.
"Lemonade on the island
makes people think of summer
and dining outdoors."
Harry got home and started helping himself.
I told him there wasn't any sugar in it. 
I should have let him drink it.
Here's my
rolled towel attempt
in the bathroom.
"Towels soften a room."
I wonder if she
considers necklaces and
keychains as
I think a Disney fan
would feel right at home here.
Now there's
really going to be
nothing left.
P.S. We don't know where we're moving,
because if our located on a quiet lane, with country views,
non-Disney, super awesome house doesn't sell,
we're not. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taffy Packs ~ Giveaway Day!

Three great sets of
5 inch squares
that give you variety
without sticking
to one fabric line.
The Brights pack
will put some punch in
your projects.
Here's my favorite quilt
made out of fabrics that pop.
 The Cherry Berry
has vibrant reds
to add to your stash.
Here's a quilt I made
out of a similar pack last year.
And I discovered
a few Whimsy packs
looking for a good home. 
The Whimsy Pack is
perfect for Polaroid
and I Spy Quilts.
The Taffy Packs are available
in the shop.
There's also some 10 inch squares
and Bright jelly rolls.
The giveaway today
is a Taffy Pack of your choice.
Update:  Congrats to Allison C,
you are the winner!
To enter the drawing,
leave a comment.
Random drawing Friday night.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Riley Blake Giveaway Day!

Three fun lines from Riley Blake
this week.

is from Lori Whitlock.

Owls, turtles and flowers.
Super sweet for little ones.

is a hit from Bella Blvd.
Some camo, skulls, green army men,
doesn't get much better than that.

Military Max has some one yard bundles
in addition to charm packs,
10 inch packs and jelly rolls.

And to end it with a
by Design by Dani.

Precuts of all of these
are in the shop!

Get ready to create!

The giveaway today is a
5" charm pack of your choice.

 To enter the drawing,
leave a comment.

Update:  Congrats to QuiltLaughLove!
You are the winner tonight!

Random drawing Friday night.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Two new Moda Lines - Giveaway Day!

A little Gardenvale
and Feed today.

Feed is by Sweetwater. 

They designed it around this large print
 they call Brands.

Sweetwater included this fun 'church cookbook' print.
The recipes are real award winning recipes
 that they took to the county fair
 when they were kids.
They say the Sugar Cookie recipe
 has won several
blue ribbons.
I'll be taking a look at that.

We have all the Feed precuts.

And Jen Kingwell is
a new designer for Moda.

Definitely vintage
 with a modern twist. 

 are in the shop too!

The giveaway today is a 5" charm pack
of your choice - Feed or Gardenvale.

To enter the drawing, leave a comment,
tell me which one you like and why.

UPDATE: Congrats to Emily C! 
You are the winner! 

Remember to make sure I have a way to contact you.
If you are a no-reply blogger, it's kind of hard.
That means when I click on your name,
it does not have an email address for you.
Kitty Crazy, let me know if you see this :)

Random drawing Friday night.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's Craft!

Are you ready for
a Crafty Meet Up?
This time of year some days
are dull
So let's do something!
And as long as we're having
one party,
why not do
Crafted with ladies
that live around here
and then farther away friends.
We made little treat hearts
for our families.
Glitterized some valentines,
After trying every glitter glue in town,
I decided I liked nail polish the best to
sparkle up the postcards.
Then we made some
To mail or give.
Tuck some treats
inside and
send to a loved one.
Had a little royal icing demo.
I love to make
these cookies every year.
Everyone went home
with some sticky hearts
to surprise their loved one.
Put one on their toothbrush, the milk jug,
just in unexpected places.
These gals are the best.
Didn't get a group pic of the Friday girls :(.
I was busy holding a sweet baby.
And of course we had treats.
Thank you Shannon!
We've talked for a couple of years about having
a crafty party,
and finally did it!